Photo Fun In The Snow

As I have mentioned before, we had to find a new wedding photographer when our original photog moved to the East Coast this fall. Having worked with him on events with Target, I reached out to Stephen Geffre after viewing the beautiful images of weddings on his website.

We were originally supposed to shoot in the middle of December. However, when we woke up that Saturday to a foot of snow already on the ground and more falling every hour, we waited until the following week.

The photos were taken at Como Park & Conservatory in St. Paul. The Conservatory made for a beautiful backdrop. And, since we live in Minnesota, we couldn’t pass up taking some pictures in the snow!


Here are some of my favorites:




The Top 8 Colors Of Bridesmaid Dresses For 2014

2013 was a great year for fashion because everything goes in terms of the designs and colors. And now that this year is about to end, most of us will think what will be the prevailing trends particularly in the world of wedding dress fashion. In this post, we are going to talk about the top 8 colors of bridesmaid dresses for the year 2014. This post is created to guided would be bridesmaid in wearing the most fashionable bridesmaid gowns to start the year right.

1. Coral – Earthbound and waterbound colors are more likely to become in during the early months of 2014. Like this dress for instance, it has a welcoming color tone that will embrace every wedding with pure delight.


2. Mint – Cool bluish hues will still continue to grace the wedding scene this 2014. This dress is a best representation of the colors and designs that are bound to come during the next year’s wedding celebration.

mint1 mint2

3. Ivory – White bridesmaid dresses and gowns will always remain a fashion staple in any wedding dresses. It’s a best compliment to the bride’s wedding gown and it ultimately symbolizes the solemnity of the matrimonial celebration.


4. Burgundy – Magenta elegant and other related shades will add a touch of the feminine flavor into any wedding ceremony. Ant bridesmaid who will wear a dress such as this will definitely look hot at the entire celebration.


5. Red – Red bridesmaid dresses are always a popular choice because it always adds sizzle to the occasion. It would turn any bridesmaid into an epitome of beauty just by wearing the color of love all over.

509eaaf33943ccfbf9f142dd347c85f3.image.380x500 016b4de1ea2035a8048ec9e79fdc0010.image.380x500

6. Green – Green is the color of this year, but since it also symbolize nature and all its beauty then it’s also fitting that this will become a popular color choice for bridesmaid dresses this coming 2014. Take notice of these lovely dresses and be inspired to include these gowns on your wedding entourage.

BNBJ230_01 BNS6609_01

7. Emerald – Light and easy on the eye, this green hued dress is a remarkable addition to any wedding celebration for next year. As earthen colors begin to dominate the fashion scene this 2014, it’s more likely that this type of dress will be a sought after outfit in the upcoming weddings and surely more and more women will be looking gorgeous at any nuptials.

Emerald1 Emerald2

8. Mauve – Interesting color equals mysterious quality. And that’s what makes this color shade a must have in all of the bridesmaid dresses for next year. If you want to stand out and be noticed instantly as you accompany the bride into the special day, then this type of dress color will be a great choice for you. It can turn any slender woman into a thing of beauty and all of the guests will admire you for being so lovely at the wedding day.


Stay tuned for more trending color shades that will ‘dye’ out all the bridesmaid dresses and wedding gowns for 2014.


Our Wedding

images (6)Below is a list of vendors, details and additional information regarding our wedding. Should any brides in Minneapolis – St. Paul be looking for referrals, I hope this provides some guidance. I want to share as much as possible and thank everyone who is a part of our big day.

As more details are determined, this post will continue to be updated. Check back often!

Reception Site:
Hazeltine National Golf Club 
Notes: Absolutely affordable, gorgeous brand-new ballroom and event spaces, very helpful sales manager – Linda. The only down-side is that it’s out in Chaska, and at least 20 miles from our ceremony site.

Ceremony Site:
Bethlehem Lutheran Church 
Notes: Perfect mix of traditional and modern. The congregation is young and passionate, a perfect church for us.

The Dress: 
Brides of France
Notes: A great shopping experience. The Edina location is run by a mother and daughter team, who absolutely love what they do. A great selection of La Sposa gowns and accessories. Overall, the perfect place to buy my wedding dress.

Bridesmaids’ Dresses: 
Rush’s Bridal
Notes: Amazing selection of bridesmaids’ dresses. The staff is great, and knows their product well. In the end, the dress I chose was a winner because of the cut, color and (most importantly) the great price for my gals.

Stephen Geffre
Notes: Following a recommendation from a contact on Twitter, I hired Stephen for a client event. After viewing his website, I fell in love with his wedding photos and style.

Notes: Recommendation from our photography studio. From what we’ve gathered speaking to Brian and checking out the website, these guys totally get that I’m not hiring someone to be the center of attention, but rather to compliment our evening and keep everything running smoothly.

Save the Dates:
Magnet Street
Notes: I wanted to design our Save the Date magnets, so was simply searching for a vendor to print them. However, the customer service at Magnet Street, including a very helpful Twitter account, made the process of uploading my image, reviewing a proof and placing the order easy.